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The Elan 45 is yacht built by the acknowledged Slovenian manufacturer Elan, who has more than thirty years experience of producing fine yachts The Elan 45 was designed as a harmony of beauty, performance and luxury, utilising the finest quality materials and Elan's accumulated expertise to produce a perfectly blended yacht The concept and design of the Elan 45 were produced by Rob Humphreys, one of the world's best known yacht designers who has many regatta winners to his credit. The Elan 45 seduces you at first sight Underneath the harmonised external features of the yacht, the eye of a connoisseur will recognise a fast moving vessel, excelling in its supreme seaworthiness, safety performance and complete comfort in all conditions. The sheer line that sweeps upwards to the bow ensures the crew remain dry even in a rough sea The ergonomically designed cockpit enables easy handling in all wind and sea conditions. Countless hours of craftsmanship form an aestheticaly attractive and highy functional interior The Elan 45 offers the feeling of safety at sea and, in port, that irreplaceable feeling of being at home The distinctive interior is signalled by the well considered layout complemented by the precise manufacture of all detailing All furniture edges are elegantly derived from massive wooden laminates and additionally emphasise the luxury of the yacht's interior The Elan 45 allows pleasant long distance cruising because of its extensive and innovative storage.

BEAM 4.186 m
BWL 3.409 m
DISP 10650 kg
DRAFT 2.100 m
I 17.300 m
J 5.310 m
P 15.085 m
E 5.342 m
BAS 2.033 m
MGU 2.000 m
MGM 3.350 m
RM@1° 291 kg m

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